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From time to time we get questions about what you can do to support Tales From Godric's Hollow.

Here are a few options:

Spread the Word

Many listeners have been quick to point out, our community is what makes this podcast stand out from the rest.

So what better way to help us out than to help this community grow?

Your personal recommendations are more powerful than any ad campaign that I could ever run.

It means the world to us when you take a few minutes out of your day to share us with your friends. This could be a simple tweet, a Facebook post, an iTunes review, or even just mentioning the show to someone at work.

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One-Time Donation

Some of you have expressed interest providing us with a monetary donation without signing up for another service (i.e. Patreon).

In that case, simply click the Donate button below and you can send us a one-time gift using your PayPal account, debit card, or credit card.

Monthly Donation (Patreon)

On the other hand if you are inclined to support us with a recurring monthly donation we have a system for that as well. This system is called Patreon.

We like this service because not only does it allow you to support us, but we are able to give you something in return.

Depending on your pledge level, you will receive a number of various rewards (some digital, some physical) each month.

We also have set up some long-term Goals through Patreon. Reaching these milestones will allow us to grow and connect with the community you've helped us build more and more.

Support Us On Patreon!

Regardless of how you choose to support us, we sincerely thank you for listening to the show and helping us grow.

~ Joe, Lauren, and Alex

Tales From Godric's Hollow