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Episode 55

Record Date: 07/17/2017

Air Date: 07/19/2017

Reading Info:

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chapters 10-11

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Matthew W.

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  • Can you send a boggart through the mail?

Chapter 10 – Luna Lovegood – 17:25

  • When did Kreacher die?
  • Do Animagi inherit the traits of the animals they transform into?
  • Where is Sturgis Podmore?
  • When will we get to hang out with Tonks again?
  • Who is Luna Lovegood?
  • What are acceptable wand storage locations?
  • Neville?s weird plant
  • The return of Cho Chang
  • The Quibbler
  • Sirius Black? Or Stubby Boardman?
  • Harry Potter and Men In Black have far too many commonalities
  • Hagrid?s (not-so-mysterious) absence
  • What is (or isn?t) pulling the carriages?

Chapter 11 – The Sorting Hat?s New Song – 1:14:28

  • Why don?t the other students like Hagrid?
  • What is Umbridge?s role at Hogwarts?
  • Was the Sorting Hat always a hat?
  • The change in the Sorting Hat?s tone
  • This is not the first warning the Sorting Hat has ever given
  • Umbridge?s first impression
  • What did Seamus believe?
  • Neville finally takes a stance

Emails – 2:02:47

  • What are the ?winged horse? beasts?
  • Love for Luna
  • How does a piece of pizza drown you?
  • Anthony Goldstein?s relations
  • Malfoy as Prefect

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chapters 12-13

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