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Episode 52

Record Date: 06/26/2017

Air Date: 06/28/2017

Reading Info:

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chapters 3-5

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  • Harry Potter?s 20th Anniversary #HarryPotter20
  • Tales From Godric?s Hollow 1st Anniversary
  • Is Aunt Petunia a Squib or a Muggle?

Chapter 3 -?The Advance Guard – 22:56

  • Who is Dedalus Diggle?
  • Harry?s Reaction
  • Harry is in the Witness Protection Program
  • Who is The Advance Guard?
  • We love Tonks!
  • What is a Metamorphmagus?
  • How much do we know about the real Mad-Eye Moody?
  • How does The Guard travel?
  • The real Moody is all business
  • The geography of England

Chapter 4 -?Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place – 1:11:37

  • Number 12, Grimmauld Place vs. The Shrieking Shack
  • Houses in Lego Dimensions
  • Should we worry about the serpent on the door?
  • How many House-Elves are at Number 12?
  • Harry?s explosion
  • Extendable Ears
  • A bigger role for Ginny?
  • Snape?s social life
  • Kreacher?s demeanor

Chapter 5 -?The Order of the Phoenix – 1:52:50

  • Magic and cleaning
  • Goblin?s neutrality
  • How much do we trust Mundungus?
  • Molly vs. Sirius
  • How much does Harry need to know?
  • Fudge vs. Dumbledore

Emails – 2:20:10

  • When is it illegal for underage witches and wizards to use magic?
  • Muggle parents
  • What is the weapon Voldemort is after?
  • Harry Potter like Gilmore Girls?
  • Audiobook recommendations
  • Is the Ministry attacking Harry?

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Schedule Change: Episode 53 will be recorded a day early on July 2nd.

Release Date Change: New episodes will now be released on Wednesday morning.

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chapters 6-7

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