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Episode 317 – Remembering Robbie Coltrane/Top 5 Hagrid Movie Moments

Record Date: 10/18/2022

Air Date: 10/20/2022

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Joe, Lauren and Alex share their thoughts on the passing of Robbie Coltrane and give their personal Top 5 Hagrid Movie Moments.


  • 00:00 Opening/Giveaway
  • 25:07 Top 5 Hagrid Movie Moments
  • 1:07:49 Brew Review – Undetectable Poisons
  • 1:15:32 Spellio Revelio – Everte Statum
  • 1:21:48 Truth or Lies
  • 1:34:38 Listener E-mails

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On our next episode:

Joe, Lauren, and Alex dive back into Major Moments of Book 3 and talk about the 2nd part of The Shrieking Shack.

Brew Review: Laughing Potions

Spellio Revelio: Avenseguim

Next Record Date: 10/25/2022

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