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Episode 303 – Mental Health in the Wizarding World

Record Date: 07/13/2022

Air Date: 07/15/2022

Reading Info:

Special Guests:

Adrienne Monroe and Host of the “Mental Maintenance Podcast” Denise!


Joe, Adrienne, and Denise discuss Mental Health in the Wizarding World.


  • 00:00 Opening/Giveaway/News You Can Use/Did ya know?
  • 20:45 Mental Health in the Wizarding World
  • 1:27:57 Brew Review – Garrotting Gas
  • 1:34:02 Spellio Revelio – Unbreakable Charm
  • 1:40:58 Truth or Lies
  • 1:49:49 Listener E-mails

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On our next episode:

Joe and Marissa will discuss a Major Moment of Book 3, Lupin’s first DADA class!

Brew Review: Swelling Solution

Spellio Revelio: Sleepwalking Curse

Next Record Date: 07/20/2022

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