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300th Episode Celebration!

Record Date: 06/15/2022

Air Date: 06/17/2022

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Special Guests:

Special Guests: Atari Alex, Lauren Aragon, and Kristin Roach!

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Ellen and Brent!

Lolli and Pops "Wizarding World" Gift Box


Joe and Marissa are joined by Lauren Aragon, Kristin Roach and Atari Alex to celebrate 300 episodes of TFGH! They talk about their Wizarding World Cooking Challenge, play a new game created by Joe, discuss Amortentia and Fiendfyre, answer your Truth or Lies questions and read your e-mails!

Special Announcements

Atari Alex and Lauren Aragon will replace The Boss while she is on Maternity leave!

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On our next episode:

Joe and Marissa discuss the significance of the Molly and Arthur fight!

Brew Review: Everlasting Elixirs

Spellio Revelio: Offero

Next Record Date: 06/22/2022

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