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Episode 267 – Major Moments | The Mirror of Erised

Record Date: 10/11/2021

Air Date: 10/13/2021

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Joe and Marissa discuss the Major Moment of Harry seeing his parents in the Mirror of Erised.


  • 00:00 Opening/Giveaway/News You Can Use/Did ya know?
  • 17:14 Major Moment – The Mirror of Erised
  • 57:44 Beast Breakdown – Jarvey
  • 1:09:33 Spellio Revelio – Emancipare
  • 1:12:44 Truth or Lies
  • 1:17:20 Listener E-mails

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We’ll be covering:

Joe and Marissa will be discussing the twist at the end of book 1…Quirrell!

Beast Breakdown: Lobalug

Spellio Revelio: Anapneo

Next Record Date: 10/18/2021

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