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Episode 120

Record Date: 10/22/2018

Air Date: 10/24/2018

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In this episode, we continue the Muggle’s very first re-read of the series.  We are going all the way back to the very beginning, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  Today, we are covering chapters five and six.  Find out what jumps out to the Muggle this time around, what he picks up on, what topics he dives deeper into, and what connections he makes.  Here’s a sneak Peak.

Chapter 4: The Keeper of the Keys

● Uncle Vernon the gun owner

● Hagrid!!!

● A chocolate cake

● Jim Dale on Rubeus

● Harry knows nothing!

● Math … and stuff

● Mimble Bimble

● Giving Vernon Credit

● “Harry … you’re a wizard”

● A GREAT muggle!

● Petunia’s grudge

● Hearing about Voldy for the first time

● McKinnens, Bones, Prewitts

● The pink umbrella

● Hagrid’s Protection

● The Dept for Illegal Magical Use


Chapter 6: Diagon Alley

● Paying Owls

● Robbing Gringotts

● Running Dumbledore’s Errands

● Dragons in the Bank

● Why They Don’t Tell Muggles about Magin

● Hagrid wants a dragon

● Uniform Hat

● Text book list!

● The other Tom

● Diggle

● Professor Quirrell

● Quirrell’s Year Off

● Di-Ag-On Alley

● An Oversized Niffler

● Griphook

● Stalagmites DO have an “m” in them

● The Wizarding World monetary system

● Drinking while feeling carsick

● Malfoy throwing shade

● Harry Makes it Rain

●His Mother’s Eyes

● Ollivander

● The wand chooses the wizard!

● Hagrid’s Muggle Money

● Ready for school!


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