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Episode 102

Record Date: 06/18/2018

Air Date: 06/20/2018

Reading Info:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Chapters 36 – Epilogue

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The Ring Horcrux



  • We did it!
  • Letting It Sink In
  • Different Ways The Finale Might Have Gone
  • Movie News
  • Future Episode News
  • Show Preview
  • The Giveaway

Chapter 36 – The Flaw in the Plan?(13:27)

  • Who?s Plan? What Plan?
  • How the Muggle Approached These Chapters
  • No New Characters…Yet
  • What the Killing Curse Felt Like
  • What Happened with Voldy
  • Voldy Finally Learns Something
  • Narcissa?s True Intentions
  • Gray Area with Almost All Of the Characters
  • Harry Potter Rag Doll
  • Preparing Dan for a Future Roll
  • Voldy?s Plan for Hagrid
  • Voldemort?s Message to the Survivors
  • Defying Voldemort, Neville Longbottom!
  • The Most Unexpected Thing in the Entire Series
  • The Worst Attempted Murder in the Series
  • The Physics of the Sword in the Hat
  • Neville?s Last Job
  • Neville in a Nutshell
  • It All Happened at Once
  • Charlie vs Sluggy…or is it
  • The Second Best Thing in this Chapter
  • Molly vs Bellatrix
  • Voldy Does Something Out Of Character
  • …and something Completely in Character
  • Harry Potter is Alive!
  • Adding Insult to Injury
  • The Muggle Resists
  • Wand Lore
  • The Rightful Owner Of the Wand
  • Non-Binding Spells
  • Avada Kedavra vs Expelliarmus
  • The Length of the Battle
  • The Death Of Voldemort
  • A Round Up Of the Characters
  • The Best Thing in the Entire Series Happens
  • In the Headmaster?s Office
  • The Only Thing Harry Wanted the Elder Wand For
  • A Sandwich From Kreacher

Epilogue – Nineteen Years Later?(1:36:37)

  • Th Muggle Didn?t See This Coming
  • So Many Questions
  • The Real Nineteen Years Later
  • The Reason for the Epilogue
  • New Characters…for real
  • Much Ado About Fabian Prewitt
  • An Unnecessary Percy
  • What About Luna?
  • The Potter Family
  • The Weasley Family
  • The Malfoy Family
  • Teddy Lupin Tonks
  • Neville at Hogwarts
  • A Lack Of a Hogwarts Update
  • No One Wants to Be a Slytherin
  • Lily?s Eyes
  • The Scar
  • All Was Well…
  • Revisiting JK?s Tweet
  • The Muggle?s One Major Gripe


  • Reading the Illustrated Version
  • 307 Hours Of Entertainment
  • Coco
  • The Harry Potter Studios in London
  • Love Changes Everything
  • Favorite Characters
  • Cursed Child Plans
  • Just the Beginning
  • Fixing the Old Wand
  • Kreacher, Slughorn, and Molly
  • Grandma Weasley
  • Epilogue Confusion
  • A Deep Dive into Snape
  • C?s snd K?s and I?s and Y?s
  • Molly-Wobbles
  • Renaming Albus Severus
  • The Amazingness is the Final Two Chapters
  • Victorian Flower Language
  • The Best Modetator Ever
  • Debunking a Dursley Theory
  • Reading While Pregnant
  • Podcast Crossovers
  • Introducing the Books to Children
  • Three Things to Love
  • A Useless Epilogue
  • Favorite Memories
  • A No Win Epilogue
  • Top 5 Moments
  • A Meeting of Two Loves

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Harry Potter Magical Creatures Statue: Nagini (4:24:32)

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  • Muggle at the Movies Part 1 – Tuesday 7pm PST/10EST


  • Muggle at the Movies Part 2 – Thursday 7pm PST/ 10 pm EST


  • June 25th will be the movie episode. ?July 2 will be a Post-Mortem Of the Series

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