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What is Tales From Godric's Hollow?

Tales From Godric?s Hollow is a Harry Potter book club style podcast. Originally created as a way to introduce one of the co-hosts, Josh aka The Muggle, to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for the first time, the show has grown and transformed over the years!

For the first read-through of the series, Matt aka The Professor, guided Josh through the books and the movies for the very first time, completely unspoiled. For a two year journey filled with surprises, crazy predictions that were both wrong and quite accurate, raw emotions, and plenty of magic, The Muggle wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the show or the community when the adventure was complete. So, a new era of Tales from Godric’s Hollow was born!

Now, with the help of longtime community members-turned-hosts, Joe aka The Dean and Marissa aka The Boss, the show continues! The trio of hosts are reading through the series all over again, this time a little bit faster, but still filled with the highs and lows that the series has to offer everyone, from long time Harry Potter fans to those brand new to the magical world.

Welcome, and don’t forget … Always Muggle Out!

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